my everything

short poems

when the trees begin to sway

and the light shines on the day

the dawn is of my soul

and i lose all control

of the things i thought were real

then i begin to feel

what was truly a real part

of all that is in my heart

then EMILY came here

and dried up all my tears

showed me what was real

this love i'm meant to feel

something absolutely true

pointing only towards you

this is the most perfect

nothing i'll ever regret

a singing in my soul

i don't want to control

love and truth so pure

no longer a cynosure

never again insecure

hopeful now in future

with you it seems so bright

no longer the blackest night

finally something true

all thanks, EMILY, to you

my solid everything

with you, i am something

stronger than i realized

and i'm not at all surprised

you're the most beautiful i've seen

in this life of the obscene

this worthiness, i don't know

but my love i'll always show

because you are the very best

and i cannot contest

this emotional pain

that's driving me insane

because you're not by my side

come home before i die!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this for emily stewart, my personal assistant from summer and fall 2009, who became the most wonderful person to ever enter my life. saddly she moved to fucking alaska and the big ole lone star state hasn't been the same without that sparkling girl in it. i swear to you... i never loved anyone more.

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