verse 1:

i seem to find out everytime

this isn't what i had in mind

God, my thoughts are running deep

will i ever fall asleep


forgive me---------

my lack of communication

release me----------

shackles of desparation

i can't breath--------

smothered by frustraton

please believe-----------

i just want to feel like it's my planet too

verse 2:

forever suffering for my lost regret

killing myself attemptig to forget

tried hard to give up but i'm still alive

now every moment is a struggle to forget

hell yes i'm angry; i wanna kill someone

so i keep drinking cuz i must stay numb

thank God for gaunga; i smoke it to get over

my brain will go insane if my mind is ever sober

verse 3:

i suffocate beneath pent up emotions

then instigate and accept your notions

there's still life out there i've yet to live

if i could just let go; teach me to forgive

carrying this pain remains a wasted chore

my poor broken heart can't be in this anymore

God, i'm begging you. please show me a sign

will life take a turn? will we be alright?

verse 4:

my talents have failed me; given gifts so i'd succeed

saddened when i settle; work my fingers til they bleed

waiting for my moment; don't give up; can't give in

caught up in self destruction; it's been my geatest sin

yes! i can feel it coming! rebellion rises deep within

i shall be victorious! taking pleasure in my win

no more self-loathing! no poisoning of my soul

no longer scared to be alone once i regain control

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