no rest


you found out

what it's all about

your head rests on my shoulder

while i hold you closer

and whisper lies to you

keeping no promises

kicking myself in the teeth

guess there's no rest in peace


sit with me

where the talk is free

the subject keeps changing

to problems we're facing

the solutions have all been refused

accepting our failures

and feeding off each other's grief

that's why there's no rest in sleep


oh oh hold me

hold me down

to this unstable ground

where nothing is found

but the maddening sound

of no one around

bridge verse:

where did you go

where am i now

nevermind. never cared.

i must've forgotten how

Author's Notes/Comments: 

8-8-10 i sing this sorta red jump suit apperatice/deftones style. you have to hear it understand

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