short poems

sometimes it feels like i'm an empty vessel

missing out on real emotions

breaking down within what's left of me

and fading out from who i am

i may not live like i'm supposed to

or play by the rules of common man

yet i cling to what makes me human

though you may never understand

in my solitude i can see clearly

the advice you attempt to share

i promise i'm listening intently

it's not like i do not care

it's my life we're discussing

it means alot to me i swear

mistakes i made so long ago

are not the same i make today

there was a time when all was perfect

it's sure not now, that is to say

once i had a home and family

by their choice they fell away

my heart aches from the memories

of the ones i left behind

i think of them every moment

they're never far from my mind

it's become my life's purpose

to know a love i can call mine

if i could rebuild the bridges

and change the choices that i made

it wouldn't take a second thought

i should hav never run away

if i could do it all again

i promise i would've stayed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

september 9, 2009 this is areally freakin honest poem about being estranged from my family and missing them everyday. trust me. i try all the time to reconnect with them. but they never answer my calls or letters.

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