fed by fear


this time it's serious

i must make my point clear

you should be listening

cause my words are fed by fear

verse 1:

you searched for innocence

instead found petulance

we see our time is spent

this hate was too intense

from this psychotic mind

these evil thought i find

the voices all combine

they want to see you die

verse 2:

not sure what's wrong with me

yet you think you can see

you'll never really know me

youre ideas i won't believe

i know what's wrong with you

living your life on false truth

won't even try to save you

cause saving is something i can't do

Author's Notes/Comments: 

8-10-2009 monday at 3am... i ended up quitting a metal band i was jamming with and singing for for about a year and a half over these lyrics. they didn't understand the concept of petulance and thought it sounded too much like pestilence and would confuse the audience. my arguement was that if the audience is listening to the fucking song in the first place they'd realize that i was talking about disease but was talking about ill-temptered behavior. they were just idiots and didn't think i'd be able to pull it off. that was what really pissed me off. how dare you fuck with me on my enunciation when singing. i'm the fucking bomb man. i took voice lessons and opera classes when i was a kid. i'm fucking well trained. and metal ain't shit. those dumbasses. and we almost had a 45 minute set ready to go and i was gonna start trying to book us places. too bad for them though.

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