fly away

verse 1:

oh, little boy if you'll let me

you could belong to me

i wanna put you in my pocket

show you something you won't forget

adventures all over the world

if you'll let me be your girl

chorus 1:

we'll fly away

we're leaving on the next jet plane

searching for our own way

we'll fly away

verse 2:

boy if you would understand

i'd hold you in my hand

give everything of myself

have nothing i wouldn't tell

trust me, love, i aint playing

if you'll believe what i've been saying

chorus 2:

we'll fly away

we're taking the next jet plane

gonna find our own way

we'll fly away

verse 3:

boy will you allow me your time

to help you make up your mind

with all that's honest and all that's real

you can't deny what you truly feel

i realize you're not a dream

and you mean everything to me

chorus 3:

let's fly away

leaving on the next jet plane

searching for our own way

we'll fly away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

november 2009 i wrote this song while jamming in the studio with a classic rock guitarist about my ex-roommat and ex-lover jimmy rea. what sucks is i'm still in love with him and he's still in love with me but i hurt that sweet innocent loving man so badly... it's the only thing in my entire life that i feel guilty for and wish i could take it all back. i know jimmy's hippie ass ain't never getting online so i know he'll never read this here but if anyone does hat knows him... tell him i'm sorry and i still love him and i hope his life is wonderful.

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