short poems

it doesn't matter if you care

once i've forgotten the sweetness of air

emotion has lost all value

in the endless pursuit of knowing you

nothing is real unless it's been earned

try saying that AFTER you've been burned

exhausted in spirit. bitter in soul.

this grin's a testament to my self-control

is she for real? who is this girl?

the one to infiltrate your world

now pay attention cuz you WILL be quizzed

to make sure you're getting all this

take notes if you can write that fast

what i tell you could save your ass

well, it's time to get to buisness

i've got everything riding on this

even though i've heard it before

and still wear scars and tender sores

i'll eagerly give myself to you

forget all about my troubled youth

release my painful memories

quit acting like Atlas and drop to my knees

surrender my pedestal. submit.

then prove to be the best at it.

give you a kingdom and mighty throne

that i will rule when you're not home

the perfect companion for everything

secured by the comfortable ease it brings

no one is better suited for me

nor i for you. don't you agree?

from the corner of my eyes, one night

was the most life-altering sight

now i'm haunted by your face

my image tarnished by disgrace

i'll fight til there's no fight left

forever! long after my death.

if i can't have you, i'd rather die.

cuz you are the purpose for my life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

6-22-10. written during the first few months of agony i suffered right after losing my cave with that man. my vampire and i would be alone in our dark little cave both diligently working on our individual art or our unified art and being so magically and maniacally in love with one another. sad part is both of us still feel that way about each other. but we barely speak and rarely see each other now. it's prolly better that way. but fuck around it's been 4 months and i still long to feel his presence.

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