drug down

verse 1:

though you don't do my drugs

you're the one i love

now i'm losing focus

on what i should become

the feeling's instantanious

it's getting way too strong

this has been momentous

so why is it so wrong


you are dragging me down

dragging me down

can i take you with me

maybe you'll come around

i cannot set you free

verse 2:

my heart feels like it's melting

when i look at you

i won't take wha you're selling

if what you say is true

why is my pain so real

you're causing me to bleed

you just want to kill

the light inside of me

verse 3:

my heart beats so savage

and i cannot think

forgetting how to manage

what's become of me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

10-1-09   this song was written about this man i fell in love with that was a crackhead. all my life i hated crack and the people who did it. and somehow he made me learn to accept it and eventually do it with him. of course i eventually convinced him that my drugs were cheaper, lasted longer and were much much much more fun but obviously the beginning of our relationship was difficult for me to understand so i wrote this to help myself work it out.

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