face to face

verse 1:

the best memories are for real

yet you suffer for the lies

you can't escape from who you are

lost somewhere i that disguise

you beg and plead for all the answers

so shut up and hear the truth

there's not a person here who loves you

you've got nothing left to lose


i want to tell you it's not so bad

but it is what it is my friend

so try not to be so sad

cuz it's all coming to an end

verse 2:

you wander aimless in the dark

in institutions of your mind

convince yourself that you will win

it's just a matter of time

you cower quick but won't submit

and share your baggage with the world

all you want is to feel important

but you're pathetic girl

verse 3:

why don't you know what you're doing

not listening to what i say

keep thinking this world spins for you

well how can you live this way

noting ever makes a difference

no matter who you turn out to be

it's time to wake up from your dreamland

to face the you i've always seen

Author's Notes/Comments: 

9-10-09 i was actually looking in the mirror when i wrote this.

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