in sphere for real


walking around in circles

and getting nothing done

just spinning your wheels

that's why they call it spun

glass dick suckin or something

rollin and blowlin in sphere

ahh, your round little promise

thoughts clouded. mind's clear.

dot chasing get waster

it's stem cell research

prove it's true that shadows move

quick, click, long hissing torch

butane or main vein

nasty needle tweeker

i'll roll you like a bowl

you shard-tarded geeker

teeth grinding reminds me

always chomping gum

three days and eight nights in

just now starting to get fun

eatin and sleepin forgotten

hell. they're not even missed

happily living wide-eyed

let's get some more of this

day nine and feelin fine

tired and wired maintaining

cash flows out the windows

re-up, sped-up and sustaining

don't know if it's day or night

every lighter is blazing

flick, spark, fire and twist

damn this shit's amazing

dragon-ball smoke flowing

hey! don't blacken that bowl

fucking amatuer tokers

time to learn how to roll

plenty porno and limp pud pullin

all electronics are in shambles

these sweaty temporary friends

some silent. some ramble.

hey don't get me started

we'll be stuck here for hours

foolishly focused regardless

that last hit had power

don't presume new friends

cuz one day you found connection

crank cranky and meth monsters

deliver next day corrections

dehydrated sweet-sickening stink

masterbated. twitter-pated. obliterated.

too distracted to take a drink

rust ornage once daily urinated

tummy growls. chewing your face.

burning, blurry, blood-shot eyes

dried out. drawn up. and scrawny.

reflection ressurecting you're fried

past time to crash out and pass out

false fear too real to hallucinate

the quest for rest tests the restless

dope so great. it's the come down you hate.

resolve this problem conflicted

ill-fated feel faded awake

strung-out, wrung-out crazy

run-down, rewound and fake

insist resistance you're resented

as people you love drop like flies

your superman turned kryptonite

the store is closed when the BIC dies

flameless. you're blameless. so break this!

pyrex hurled against the wall

fucked cuz last thirty cents was loaded

three hours wait for a dealer to call

there, annoyed, paranoid chicken head pacing

peeking around curtains. poking through blinds.

think you thought you saw something

obliviously aware of your lost mind

carpet surfing with intent and purpose

skin picked and tweezed like hell

desparetly begging and pathetic

cost honor and respect for yourself

praying while scraping the baggies saved

tedious effort for just a taste

mention and intention of intervention or detention

you're a waste taking up space

got hooked when hooked up for hookin

can't quit. won't stop. you refuse.

possessions, family, dignity and looks.

lost it all yet you still lose.

haggard and rag-ged with shard-tattered lungs

gacked-out and cracking up from ice skating

barely living to welcome death

every bit of it done cuz you're self-hating.

there's no hope in the rope

so you cope with the dope.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

there's nothing to explain that this crazy long poem hasn't already... i was high when i wrote it... what do you want from me... lol

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