poem to myself

short poems

what's the point in writing this shit?

a waste of time? cuz no one gets it?

a rambling of put together words

for the slight chance they'll be heard.

some scribblings of a sociopath...

this bullshit makes you laugh?

does any of it make anysense?

is everything i say so worthless?

maybe someone out there will identify...

provided this EVER reaches their eyes.

if an audience, my words never find

at least it helped me work out my mind.

and express to myself how I feel...

that satisfaction, truly, is real.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

3-8-20 huh... lol... i dunno why i wrote this but it's sooo right on!

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Stan Holliday's picture

I guess we all wonder if our stuff is worth reading.Well stated.....scribbler(Stan Holliday)

Sara Smith's picture

Just wanted to let you know that lots of people read the poems on the "just posted" page. I think most people in their 20's and older can identify with the poems you have been writing. One thing I know for sure- you are an individual but what you are feeling and what you are writing is not individualistic. Because we all know that experience, and it sucks.