To Someone I Love

I Don’t Know What To Do Anymore. I Love You So Much. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You. Your Was The First Guy I Loved Since My First Love Dale. I So Stupid To Take Him Though T Thought Things Could Change But I Was Wrong On That. If Anybody Would Ask Me Who I Wanted Back It Would Be You In A Heart Beat. I Would Never Have To Choose Between U And Another Guy Because I Was So Happy With You. I Had Everything I Wanted With You. Then Your Mom And Step dad Found Out About Us Then We Broke Again. You Was There For Me When I Was Going Though Rough Time. You Was The Highest Of My Life. You Were My Angel Sent From Above. I Was Wait For Someone Like You Like You To Come To My Life. I Wanted To Be Your Life. If You Are Just To Keep Doing This To Me. I Need To Know Where We Stand. I Have A lot Of Love To Give To Someone If You Want To Stay Or Go I Need To Know. I Thought We Was Friends But I Don’t Know Anymore By The Way You Are Acting To Me. I Don’t Know If We Are Friends Anymore Even. Now It Seem Like You Are Slowing Fade Away And Pushing Me Out Off Your Life. You Never Email Anymore As Much As Before I Told You What Happened When You Was Gone. I Thought You Was The One I Could Spend The Rest Of My Life With You.Im Losing My Years, Months,Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, And Seconds Without Until You Return

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To Mike He Was The One Who Got Me Over My Frist Love Dale

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