Fuck Frist Love

My first love

First Love Are The Ones You Never Forget. Do You Forget Them Even Though You Still Love Them And They Say They Love You After All This Time You Been Apart. What Are You Suppose To Do? Are You Suppose To Give Up On Them and Move

On Or Are You Suppose To Try To Work Things Out Even Though You Both Made Mistake To Each Other. I Told You If I Could Change The Mistakes I Made I Would. And You Said The Scared Part Is That You Do Believe Me. So Where Do We Go From Here? Are You Going To Let The Love We Have Fade Away Or Are You Going To Hold On To It. Im Just So Confuse On What To Do. I Love You So Much But The Love Is So Slowly Dieing. Now I See The Real You After All This Time. You Told Me That You Wanted To Work Things Out But That Was Nothing But A Lie. All You Wanted To Is Get Me Over So You Can Get Some Ass At Least That What I Think Because You Never Called Me After That. All You Did Was Ignored Me And I Wasn’t Going To Put Up With That shit. Then You Got All Mad At Me Just For Leaving You A Comment On Your Myspace Which I thought Was Messed Up Because It Shouldn’t Have Been A Big Deal If I Was Your Only Gurfriend.I Found Out There Was Another Girl So I Said Fuck It And Im Done With You. But I Was Suspicious From The Get Go. I Should Have Listened To Everybody That I Asked If I Should Have Done This Or Not Which Now I Know I Shouldn’t Have Done This. I Thought Maybe It Might Be Different This Time But It Wasn’t And I Can’t Change Anything If You Aren’t Willing To Try To Work It Out. I Should Have Never Tried It Because All You Are Doing Is Hurting Me When You Know I Love You And I Aint Going To Let You Play With My Emotions Anymore. I Know I Can Move On And Found Someone Better.Now thats its been over 3 years since we been broken up i see that we are better off as friends for so many reasons.we dont fight like u use to most of the time.we will always remain friends.love u as friend dale.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i update the poem cuz i realize more stuff now thats its been 3 years and that i moved on

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