Call in the hangman,

We've a criminal to lynch

Holler for the Sheriff,

He's always helped us in a pinch

Someone find two horses,

And we'll tear him right apart

What wrongs did he commit, you say?

The bastard stole my heart.

Make him give it back

And maybe I'll forgive this time

Get his solemn promise he'll

Not re-commit this crime;

Have him brought before the crowd

To apologize to me.

And if he should refuse, by God,

I'll make him damned sorry.

Okay, now, I've got it back,

So you can let him leave

Give him one last lecture

On how wrong it is to thieve;

Watch him ride off on his horse

Across the dusty plains

Check my pocket for my heart -

Damn! He's taken it again!

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