Simply A Dream

More Than A Memory

Having your heart to entangle with mine.

Yesterday it was so close.

To have that feeling run dry.

Feels to close; to real to lose

Simply a dream of silence.

Of neverending love.

Simply a dream of my deception.

Hidden beneath the jealousy.

Stray feelings that came after your departure.

Were too much to hold on to.

A breaking point; where what I was carrying fell.

Left me alone to wonder these thoughts; The lonley thoughts.

The dramatic difference noticed.

Yet; but not only by me.

The seperation was noticed by many.

Still none wish to speak of that time.

The time when you and I were us.

The time when love was love.

The time that forever was forever.

The time that dreams were real.

The time that never was always.

The time when no meant yes.

The captivity in my dreams.

Longs to be real.

Like the time....When you and I...

Were close.

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wow i love the ending its awesome. i dont know what else to say bout these my nigglet. well gotta bounce fagglet.