The Return of Mother Destruction

A Slow Suicide

The Eyes of the World within my palm;

As the Children climb the moon.

Hope comes on all fours from beneath the heart;

Dragging the face of Destruction close behind.

The ground shifts within a blink.

The legs of Despair move faster through the grass.

Pull the wings off the Angel on my shoulder.

Burn the World.

"Quiet down, little Children;

Mother Earth is awakening.

Live or die for Me.

Won't You tell me what it is You search for.

Over mountains I have climbed.

Under oceans I have crawled.

Devouring entire stars...

Can you feel the coldness on My breath?

Come here, my child;

Take My hand and dance to the Music of Destruction.

I am Death riding through the ashes of a past life.

I am the Chaos that blankets the Earth.

I have returned home for You."

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Cascade's picture

You have some outstanding

You have some outstanding lines in this piece. Wow!

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thank you for the read

thank you for the read


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I loved everything about this. Oh, if I could just figure out how to paint the visual on my wall...

Copyright © morningglory

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thank you so much for

thank you so much for reading.