Easy It Was

He gazed at her in enchantment,

No longer just a friend was she;

She had now become an angel-

Magic blended with purity….

He was spellbound, he was in love;

If his love she did not despise,

He could spend the rest of his life,

Looking into her divine eyes.

She smiled and caressed his shoulder,

He was thrown into ecstasies;

She sailed past him and he was left,

All alone with his fantasies.

His wild flights of ‘magination,

Of spring coloring the garden,

On a calm cloudless evening;

A breezy corner quite hidden.

Of butterflies flitting about,

Among colorful fragrant flowers

And placid waters of the pond,

Inviting him to spend hours.

The symphony of the fresh leaves,

And the birds is soothing his mind,

When he sees her coming near him,

Her silken scarf trailing behind.

He leans over and holds her hand,

Bringing color to her fair cheeks;

And then he says those magical words,

And into her shying eyes he peaks.

Their hearts are shining bright like stars,

Their love is looking as pretty.

Guided by this love they walk

And return to eternity.

But this was only illusion,

She could resent, fate could deceive;

If his love for her annoyed her,

His friendship she would not retrieve.

His diary witnessed everything,

His soulful joy with a small tear,

His usual dreams of enchantment,

And his true love smothered with fear.

To this girl his deepest feelings,

He could confide till yesterday;

Today to the very same girl,

His truth of heart he could not say.

As days swiftly turned into months,

His luck was still thin as a thong.

He remained sanguine about his love,

His dreams were stringing him along.

In his room one propitious day,

He did find her smiling shyly,

Her soft eyes were quietly lowered;

Her fair fingers held his diary.

They moved to feel the fine paper,

He stood there with a stunned silence-

Partially by the splendid sight,

Partially by his vigilance.

The promise of his dreams and the

Uneasy reality confused him.

His tongue went sore, his heartbeat loud,

But his hopes did not become slim.

She looked up at him with wet eyes,

Whose truth could not be mistaken;

Her face glowed with a happiness,

That smoothed away all his tension.

He’d thought it would be difficult,

But he did nothing for the cause,

It just happened itself and then,

He realized how easy it was.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a ballad about a young man who falls in love with a close friend and finds it so difficult to express his love to this girl with whom he used to share his innermost thoughts till yesterday. He doesn't realize a girl only wants someone should love and want her, till she herself finds out his love for her, and he realizes how easy it was to tell her. Everyone faces it, and probably the teenagers around me inspired me for this. This poem took an unusually long time, i.e., from 19 June '03 to 20 July '03, to be written, because I had to write it from a man's point of view, describing his feelings.

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Gwen F.'s picture

This was a very sweet poem. Very beautiful. It can be frightening sometimes to start seeing a 'friend' as more than a friend, and not knowing if the feeling is shared. All that stuff. ;) Well written. :)