She Will Not See

Lost in your empty eyes,
She will not see,
Any thoughts she could read,
A smile of no emotion,
At least!!!!!

You glance at her….
Lying next to you….
In a different world,
A world of love,
She just entered.

Not she sees,
The wicked smile, you deceive,
In your heavy heart,
Nor across your pale face,

No she will not see…………….

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the wicked heart

called into play, with guidance from above
each word spoken from the heart, not from my lips shall it depart
shrouded truth kills its meaning, for the key is quite deceiving
there are angels, and devils too
for the man, stuck with a legion
had to hear them by name, for them to be removed

listen to your father, he calls your understanding
some won't listen, to watered down fables
they live in a bitter world, with rotten stables