A Dream Unheard

A golden palace up so high

On the top of a beautiful mountain

Fountains filled with dazzling clear water

Parks filled with fragrant flowers and butterflies

I am running around with joy

Running so far

As if Iā€™m the happiest child on earth


I wake up to see

Nothing but the clear blue sky filled with stars

Above the side street I live

And the shimmer of the vehicles passing by

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Afzal Shauq's picture

love the logics expressed in this poem with a good idea.. I went through few of your poems and loved them too..you are good poetess and hope you never stop writing and add more poems.. this poem is good and love it..hope you like my poems too.. and let me know if they also touch your heart.. I am basically a peace wisher poet with 6 books published... I am a peace dreamer, love-based peace promoter... hope you be with me... let me share here one of my own famous say with you... ( a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with..afzal shauq