The Suicide Note of a Wife

He, who was my first love,

Said I don't love him.

He who is my husband,

Said I'm no good wife.

He, who is a father,

Said I was no good mother.

He, who gobbled up my meals every day,

Said I was no good cook.

He, who crippled my self confidence,

Said I’m over dependent.

He, who took away my friends,

Said I don’t have any.

He, who ripped off my clothes,

Said I am always naked.

He, who stole my virginity,

Said I was no virgin.

Now as I am dead, he will say,

“Good, now I can marry a woman.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this having in mind the issues most of the women who are being dominated by their husbands or their partners have to go through. Even more than the physical abuse, it is the mental abuse most of them put you through. Everyone should be confident in facing their lives and everyone should fight against domestic violence.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I agree with your authors comment but even beyond physical abuse is the emotional/mental abuse of those clowns out there who expect suzy homemaker and a built in slop mop to attend their every whim. That too is disgusting and especially is they show a total lack of respect with curt comments they thing hilarious and are inuendos that the person in question is stupid when in reality they are insecure lack intelligence of common sense or would not say such assinine things to their wives or significant others. I've seen this type and I've been through it myself so I know from where I speak..Thank god those days are over. The hardest thing is often taking that first step to get out of that relationship because the fools tear your self image down that you are afraid to try thinking you could never make it on your own when in truth you can if you are persistent enough...