A Letter from My Son

The most awakening sound, that used to be

Is to hear the bell of the postman

As every second, every minute

It was the only thing I wanted to hear

I run around with joy

I shed a happy tear

When I receive a letter

From my son, my hero

My life, my gift to the world

I am always proud to say,

“My son is in the battle field,

Fighting with our foes

To protect our motherland,

To protect every common being”

But today,

Why am I standing here in dismay?

With tears filled in my eyes.

But not tears of joy or happiness,

But tears filled with grief and sorrow.

Same as the tears I shed,

The first time I sacrificed him

For the well being of the human race

But today is it different or is it the same?

Because I have to say goodbye

Once again,

But this time from my heart

As everything will only be a memory,

Because he is lying in front of me


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Nickson Magak's picture

This is emotional piece Shalindri. Heroes are remembered for sacrificing themselves for humanity cause. Their race is never in vain. What I love about this piece is the inner feeling poured out in words. I believe now you are fresh and ready to conquer the world. Today is different because in his loose the world will never be the same again!

Nickson Magak

Afzal Shauq's picture

a good and imagery poem.. really like itvery much... sure your poetry is touching hearts... well done friend... just go ahead and add more new poems.. respect your words and ideas....