Our Moment

I still can remember

The first out burst of our cherishable love

Flowing as the smoothest river,

The first passionate kiss

That made the way

To a life long memory

With heated desire for each other,

The first hand in hand walk

That made ourselves to be bonded

Throughout the journey of life,

The first whisper of yours in my ear

Is the deepest secret

We promised to hide from the world,

The first dream

That we dreamt as our own

Is the most I want to come true

To prove the world that

We will always be together.

All these memories are just not cherishables of our love

But life long souvenirs, promising the commitment that we have for each other

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Afzal Shauq's picture

omg.. she killing me with lovely ideas and sweet poems.. love it and as a whole your poetry is making fan of you ..above all I am poet with 6 books published and known as peace wisher poet.. yeah mean it dear friend