My Eternal Love

I used to live in a small world of my own

With a dream nothing more than to wake up

To see the dawn of tomorrow

I shed my blood on endless nights and endless dawns

To give peace to my starving self

Without any hope of life, future or tomorrow

Until I met you

My dream prince……

Our caliber did not matter

As we shared only one dream

To share the bond of an eternal love

A beginning of a new fantasy

I bore nothing else but trust in my heart

But only if I knew, it was lust in yours

I will not face this fate of tragedy

Hiding myself in this cold dark place

Forever I will lie in the depth of a weary river

Where no one else will find me

But where only I and the sign of our eternal love will know

The child who will never wake up to see the dawn of tomorrow

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Afzal Shauq's picture

sad to know it.. may God bless hre peace... its a good poem..and really your poetry seem a poetry of humanitariun one like me... respect your love based peace thoughts... for all the humanity... well done.