To: All My Lost Siblings

Follow me

Hold my hand

Take this step

Let us forget the rest

Forget the pain

I will wipe your tears

Cherish the memories

Of the life we escaped

Your love is gone

Never to return

Yet I will be your blood

Though your memories have faded

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for all those friends I lost with time... I am sorry everyone... I considered you' all as my own siblings and my own blood... But under different circumstances, there were so many issues in understanding who we were, what we did and what we wanted in life.. But all those mistakes I did on the process of understanding these, were unintentional... Hope all of you' all can forgive me for the decisions I made for my own betterment... I cherish every second of all the sweet times we spent together... I know I might never see you all nor might even hear from you all... I miss you all so much and hope we can remember only the good times we had together and not the bad.... I MISS YOU ALL

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