The trip back home


I miss the hazy sunsets

And the mayhem on the roads

Impatient drivers through security checks

Short-tempered pedestrians

I took a trip back home

With my fears

And reservations uncalled for

I tread carefully

Cautious to the core

I looked at things with mixed feelings

But it all changed

With in matter of days

What was it that changed it all?

I do not know

The water, the sweet smell of soil

The people

The invisible bond

Of growing up

I am torn

Between then and now

I miss the cold evenings

And the dim lit streets

I miss the faces

I called my own

I love the place for what it is

I miss Pakistan

It hurts

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The recent trip to Pakistan was full of apprehensions and uncalled for fears. It was wonderful. Loved it.

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heatherburns35's picture

the trip back home

this is a very touching poem. I feel your emotions for
your homeland. I assure you there will never be another
place like home. But sometimes we must move on. there
is one consulation, you can always return for a visit. Each
one of us is planted in our homeland, our roots are embedded
there. I have friends in Pakistan. back to your poem
your poem is well constructed, your presentation is great
and easy to read. A work well written.