Sonnet-15 (Final Confession)

sʇǝuuos ʎɯ

Please tell me that! Please tell!

My time is really very short,

One life will be thrown to hell,

And one is kept in the jail fort!

Please say, don’t remain calm,

We have to take final decision.

Ending of this mysterious sum,

Will help us from the destruction.

He stared to see who was talking

In such a way, he didn’t recognize,

His lips was about to quivering,

But that time no one could realize!

Finally he said, “Please set them free,

Nobody knows it, the killer was me.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

1st July 2008 (Rhyme Scheme-‘ababcdce efefgg’)

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Reese Renee's picture

This sonnet frightens me, what was your true message behind this?