Uxorious Guys

General sɯǝod

I am going to tell a fact about some modern boys’,
How strangely they are being played like toys!
These boys came from this new civilized age,
They are standing in life at a very crucial stage.
This is all true, I am not telling a story,
But this thing doesn’t bring to life any glory.
Some experiences I’ve seen in my naked eyes
I just can’t believe, that really gave me surprise!
Yet I think, this is far better, for being alone,
Instead of loosing the personality and backbone!
At the early youth, some guys fall in love,
They think that how they can fly like dove!
These boys like to hang on with the girl,
And they are being twisted just like swirl.
These boys show attitudes like the slave,
Being perplexed, don’t know how to behave.
Girls operate them like a remote control,
Yet these boys dance like a silly droll.
For girl friend they spend a lot of money,
Their appearance apparently makes then funny
They talk for hours with girls over the phone,
Just to hear the noisy and pesky girly tone!
Silly boys walks behind girls just like a goat,
Smart girls can anytime put off their coat!
Their blind love consequently makes them selfish,
Can’t distinguish between lover and friend, its rubbish!
They loose their money, personality and the power,
Everything they slaughter only for their girl, lover!
Only for girls they vacate their wallet,
Girls can easily make them small pellet!
These boys fail to raise their head,
Only thinks, when she’ll lay on his bed!
Very easy for girls to give them a threat,
Being abused they think, Oh! I’m so great!
Falling in love they just loose their sense,
Yet they want girls, even at high expense.
Thinking about dates, they destroy their study,
They only think when they’re going to be daddy!
Gradually these guys zap their morals,
Bury their ability like the soul-less corals.
They never aware of the power hidden in them,
It is really difficult to describe this in a poem.
These boys cut their prestige similar to loin,
Being tossed by the girls just like the coin!
Impossible for me to consider them as ‘Man’,
Why they don’t drown them inside a pan?
Bloody love has made them completely paralyzed,
Yet they are proud that they are modern civilized!
In the men’s world, uxorious guys are the dirt,
And I detest them from the deepest core of my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

6th December 2007

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Riaj Hossain's picture

That is a wonderful poem of different flavour, laugh...realization and.....very nice.........

Kristen Davis's picture

You really rip women a new one in this poem. hehe. I like this one a lot. How can a person just trample so much over another? have people no humanity?! hah. Crazy really. What's the sensibility in being sensable. I wish everyone would just care, but i guess there wouldnt be much great poetry out there if they did. ha.

Cherisse U's picture

I love this poem that you came up with, it is so true and gets straight to the point.