To Rafia ('She' in my mirror...)

sɹǝʇʇǝl ǝpo


When I think of you

I see your face!

That’s why I search

To find your trace.

At last I decide to say

A little words few-

Nobody know how much

I love you!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

20th January 2007

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Kristen Davis's picture

It's short and sweet. I hate love so much. How can one thing that's meant to be so lovely rip you at your core.

Jessica Watts's picture

i love this poem
truely (srry for the spelling) a work of art

denver's picture

I love this one, I see the love you have for this person.

Riaz Bhuiya's picture

onek sondor kobita! dont use a ghost as mirror!hihi......

Chelsea Feather's picture

awes this one is awesome ♥ hey thanxs for the comment! its nice to know someones reading my stuff =)

Bobbie Wagner's picture

do you love her?