General sɯǝod

I found myself lying on a white bed,
Feeling an extreme pain inside my head.
I couldn’t realize what is happening around me,
With feeble eyes, everything I could not see.
Injections and medicines were obtruding my vein,
Circumstances around me have made me insane.
Doctor said that, we immediately require blood,
Otherwise the patient’s condition will gonna be bad.
I was then reckoning the few hours of my death,
Suffocating moments were trying to snatch my breath.
Did this situation have any reality or all hallucination?
Why my soul wants to be free and it needs separation?
Tensed eyes, gloomy faces were moving here and there,
It’s only God who can only save my life from expire.
Yet a lot of answers left. Which I have to find,
Who knows, these could be properly justify my mind?
The sound of machines made everything intolerable,
Couldn’t keep pace with this, I was not that capable.
To get my life back, I knew that I had to strive,
Having the hope, I’m struggling as I want to survive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

3rd December 2007

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Lori Laird's picture

This is good. I like the imagery you use. There are a few needless words, but it doesn't take away from the rhyme and rhyme of the poem.

gone_forever13's picture

this is really good. i like this alot.

Frer Jack's picture

as a dentist i think this might be coma