Like A Stone

General sɯǝod

Time doesn’t always remain the same,
In the long run, it can make us lame.
What did you actually think about me?
Matters around me that I couldn’t see?
But in this point you were totally wrong,
Our lives are not a melodious love song!
All the moments we must march forward,
Except pain, get nothing, when look downward.
So many things that we have to consider,
Some are easy and some are difficult severe.
I was astonished that how could you forget all?
Event to talk or even to give a simple phone call?
What you did with me, that was unjust,
Although everything we could easily adjust.
I was ready for you to quite as sacrifice,
You failed this thing to know and to surmise.
As a human being you could be at least grateful,
One day your condition will be much remorseful.
There is a simple thing you must remember,
Once upon a time you must have to surrender.
You lost everything by being a pretender,
That had driven you away from the reality so far!
It took me long time to realize that you are a liar,
You have polluted your body and the soul entire.
Finally it’s proved that, you don’t have backbone,
Your attitude made my heart, hard like a stone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

6th December 2007

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The Sweet Algolagniac's picture

Great work from you Shawon, as always.

Just wondering, in the line "Except pain, get nothing, when look downward", did you mean 'except' or did you actually mean 'ACCEPT'? I don't mean to question your words, it just would have made more sense to me personally had you meant 'accept', that's all. Loved it tho, wonderful poetry.

Hope you are well.

'leesh, the sweet algolagniac x

ishtiakrajib's picture

really an excellent work....i wish every success of your poetic life.

Judie T.t's picture

wowwwwww Speechless THats a KEEPER! i love ittttttt

Keely Graves's picture

Is this to an ex or is it to some one that you loved?

Riaj Hossain's picture

That is a great piece of poem, I think.It has a good theme and something to realize about people of our surroundings.

Cherisse U's picture

I like this poem.. Your a very great writer, I would like to see some more that you have wrote.