I just want to feel how I used to

I just want to feel how I used to. 

Let these wounds heal

Like they were never there.


I just want to feel how I used to.

Or numb me.

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Beatnik1979's picture

very thought provoking

Leaves me wanting more....Or wanting to know more, i should say..

this could pertain to a variety of things both symbolically, or literally. Thats what makes this poem cool...because its open for interp, and you can learn alot about someone from their percieved reality of a piece like this.  Well done!

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Lost in Transaction

I numbed myself, by usage of drugs and came to find out I only delayed what needed to be done.

Healing wounds I didn't want to face, but it needed to be done.

Now with a lover that is awesome, I am kind of at a loss.  Bumbling around, feeling empty because of how I use to feel.

Now the new settling and I am lost in transaction.

Thank you, short but powerful.


I am an artist of words as well as paints.

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Thank you

Thank you for sharing this with me

Can never think of what to say. Contradiction Incarnate. 

A lonely contradiction. Contrasola