I have no home.

I wander this world

testing the waters,

the fish in the sea.

I need to be found

no longer searching.

New sights and new faces

places ive never seen

fabric ive never felt,

but I still have no home.

I found a place

took shelter

payed rent

worked for my stay.

Id been evicted.

after all the work id done

I still have no home.

Love doesnt live there anymore.




Beatnik1979's picture

evicted on what grounds?

great metaphor(s). You know youre reading good poetry when questions surface  in your mind, that you hadnt quite  considered before. 

Contrasola's picture

Evicted on the grounds that

Despite all the work and time that was put in. They were still kicked out due to the other tenants selfish, or possibly genuine reasons. Love works that way.

Can never think of what to say. Contradiction Incarnate. 

A lonely contradiction. Contrasola