The Divines


“Our world, grim and desolate, climbs serenely unto midnight’s peak. Replacing our Father Magna with his sinister twin of shadows; better known as Moon. He to hangs high overhead, but the rock, grossly indecent and divine as it is, lies inert in the heavens. Moon, with its unending regret, conceals itself in a feathery white deformity of misery and discontent. This deformity, slow and simple as it is, drifts along the immortal plane of Mana. Growing ever so massive in its size, so massive that its immense girth appears almost infinite. The mass grows to an immensity so great that it becomes encumbered by the mourns of Moon. Weighted so much by the cries of Moon that the deformity bursts causing the miseries of Moon’s reminiscence to descend. They fall in response to the mortal’s distraught pleas for salvation from their false Gods. Allowing Moons cries to mist away from their confines in the heavens. So daunting in their presence and rejoin their home amongst the mortal’s plane of inevitability, covering all in a blanket of wet. The serenity of the event is sought to be immeasurable but with such beauty must come pain and with the pain must come chaos. The tears, although a gift, also bring rage as tremendous slivers of light flicker across the sky, dancing about skittishly, ever so striking our mortal plane in an unfathomable fury; leaving an imprint of the past in a flash. It is during the chaos that ghastly breezes tumble unconsciously across the decrepit land. Throwing their deathly howls all throughout Mana’s lifeless void… Awooooo-!” - The Divines

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Ooh, dark and intense. I

Ooh, dark and intense. I imagined being swallowed up in that cold darkness. Makes me feel grateful to be here basking in the sun on Earth.

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