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I've always doubted the lord our God and most of all I have doubted myself, but this morning I was listening to the radio and coincidentally heard a guy who was preaching about some religious lessons, which opened my eyes. I do not remember all of what he said, but this is somewhat a gist of what I heard. What he spoke of, in truth, changed my life. (In a matter of minutes... Wow!) The man was talking about doubt and how we punish ourselves for doing bad. How we tell ourselves we aren't worthy of Gods love because of what we do in our day to day lives; how we tend to dread on our sin. Thinking God holds tally to all the negative we live by, but God is all about forgiveness and if we give our heart over to our creator, and don't look towards performance, we can accept ourselves onto Christ. This is because as soon as you forgive yourself and ask for forgiveness from God, you are capable of starting life on a clean slate; he has already forgotten so stop reminding him and move on. We are works in progress, not the final product, so you wont always be perfect. Even Jesus had not chosen upon those who had their stuff together, but upon tax collectors, who were said to be liars and cheats, and fisherman, who were said to have bad tongues. He chose upon them, not because they were perfect, but because they were works in progress and were people he could help and work upon. God put us here to learn and experience which explains our gift of free will and how God does not allow us to suffer. He loves you so learn to love yourself. It is not that he wants you to suffer, but more that your are allowing yourself to suffer. Do not dread on the past, but much rather look towards the future. Live in the now, to learn and experience! Even Peter, before Jesus was nailed to the cross, had problems with bad habits. His Cursing was the problem, he was standing outside the castle as Jesus was being sentenced and a lady saw him and recognized him asking "You were with Christ?" and Peter, infuriated by her question, started cursing at her. He let her have it, but nobody is perfect and God had shown forgiveness because Peters heart was with God. Even when Jesus was at the home of a sinner, Mary of Magdalene, who of which always spent her time in red square, because that was how she earned her money, Jesus forgave her. She got her perfume oils and started washing Jesus' feet with her tears and dried them with her hair and the Religious prophets surrounding them had said, "If he is truly a King of Kings he will surely know where she comes from and who she is and what she does," but Jesus did not look upon her performance. He knew her heart was with that of God and he forgave her. Like a joke I heard when listening to that radio session, an old lady was locked out of her car and couldn't get the door open. So, she started to pray to God and than a big burley man with a leather jacket and tattoos came upon the car on a motorcycle and opened her car door. The lady than said, "Oh thank you, thank you, you helped me get my car door open!" The man than said "No I did not help you get open your car door? I am a criminal and I just got out of jail for auto theft." The old lady rejoiced and said to God, "Oh thank you My Lord, this is better, you even sent me a professional!" When I heard that, I noticed that God is much like this old lady. He doesn't look for a flawless performance, all he asks is that you give him your peace of mind and ask for forgiveness. This does not mean you can go a live sloppily life, but much rather use your hardships or mistakes as a chance to grow stronger and learn from the experience, he will forgive you. When you ask for forgiveness, He will forgive. When you begin to dread on your past just remember that God had already forgotten and the only person reminding him on this sin is yourself. When you commit a sin God doesn't say, "You committed this sin so I am going to hold my blessings for a week." No, God forgiveness is instantaneous and you only have to forgive yourself. It is a lot to read, but if you did read it all, thank you and Live in the light of God To All My Relations! Thank You And God Bless. (P.S. You read it all? Really!? You are a trooper :P Haha)

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Soooo good!

a great testimony!

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