The cold depths of secrecy


Col. Anderson. "So this is the god you worship...this is the reason for all the suffering and death...over something that should never have been."

Dr. Kay. "This was our salvation, Col. Anderson...this is what saved us...and will save us again."

Col. Anderson(Gripping the .45 tight in his hand). "I see nothing but jars of cold, dead remains, computer wires, and dusty old monitor screens...there is no god here, just butchered remnants of something you made but could never control, nor understand."

Dr. Kay. "With all due respect, speak in ignorance...upon awakening, his knowledge will be our understanding. When the resurrection comes, all will be revealed...we are one and the same...soul and mind. After all, we created him in our image."

Col. Anderson. "Does your image not frighten you, Dr.?"

Dr. Kay. "No, Colonel."

Col. Anderson. "It will."

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