speak how i live

living this ghetto life

everything i do is right

but, wrong to everyone else

so i speak my mind

without fear or doubt

i walk down these streets

without watching my back

because im immune to pain

she been broke my heart

i hurt people feelings

only because they take it that way

i speak the truth

don't expect me to lie

i have nothing to hide

nothing at all

look into my eyes

and see no evil

look into my soul

and see that shadowy cloud

look into my heart

and see what damage she caused

and you can judge me too

but, watch me turn my back on you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

that how the evil me feels

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divysia's picture

sometimes it just feels right

sometimes it just feels right to to turn your back on the world not caring because pain is so invisible but its so feelable if that makes sense to you...im in the same boat ..like the poem keep it real like always ..
p.s take a look at my poems especially "taking it back"..hope all goes better for you than it is for me

i been there n back, Im happy to be back