I used to glue little stars

on paper; write my name

just below the words, “I love you”

sending them to people

I care. They accept it and pretend

how much they understand about love

their glances slide past the card

vowing to keep it

for as long as the stillness

of the drawer gathers dust.

But they haven’t touched love

because the love I made was embedded

at the back of the stars

where the glue and the paper

have connected.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How many people appreciate the effort at the love and care behind little/ordinary things given to them?

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Nathaniel London Jr.'s picture

You have touch me in a place where my heart goes to protect its self from the feelings of such meaning; I feel a sense of blessings as well as a sadness that brings to mind when I could have been a better person. The love I have inside of me feels like water; only those who truly thirst can quench the necessary beauty of home; I've lived before and so did she. I shall retire on such a bedtime sweetness as this! Love is without labor and where there is labor a new life begins in birth! Nathaniel