when Death visited,

I created a mask to hide my face

from the ravages of grief;

I decided to invite him

for a poetry reading; made him

realized that Dust won’t keep my words

longer for my ashes

to burn with the tip of my pen.

when he departed

postponing his claim, I was left

preparing for the written

words that say: “another life

is beyond to live.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The story of my childhood fears. I am scared of death. When I was still small, I was so sickly that I have been aided by oxygen tanks (?) for me to breathe well. They thought, I couldn’t make it. Even at a young age, I dreamed of becoming a writer. Glad for another chance at life. Am still making the most of it. It would be inevitable that we would face death in the end. Never mind, there would be another life for us to live. :)

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vilmazab's picture

You write so well, your thoughts are deep and it brings us to reality, that someday, we all have to face this so called, Death!!

Nathaniel London Jr.'s picture

This time I'm doing it for the romance, I love the romance from the beauty and warmth of a woman; with honor and respect. I wish for a second chance to feel that part of my life which seems to be a dream yet to come; my desire is
the compassion and passion that I can't put into words but she has the most beautiful Pacific eyes of my everything!
This poem is the memory that I must hold dear to my heart when ever I have that feeling of no goodness from tomorrow!
Your words of fine grace and heartfelt humility feds my soul completely; God Bless You! Nathaniel

Chris Kelly's picture

I've read a few of your works here and all I can say is WOW! Beautiful work and I hope to come back and read more soon!