I never really wanted to change

the color of my hair

black is beautiful, exotic they said

but your hair is naturally permed

in ringlets

light blonde, mahogany,

or golden light brown?

whichever, that would be nice on you.

my sister had seen me

one day at the airport

she almost screamed, wanting me

to dye it black

my church’s brothers/sisters looked at my head

like there was a flame in it

I was beet red,

Papa said something about a foreigner

inside his house

I laughed and spoke in Tagalog

it’s awesome to believe that my hair

is more famous than I am

beautiful, I think I am not,

nor ugly

can you differentiate colors in between?

like peach or mauve.

but my hair is neither blonde, dark brown

or coppertoned.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my own hair and the joy of dying it.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

good and impressive one... yeah its a very clear and good poem with rich thought and sure ... the way you did it is great and heart knocking of course... so I can loudly say that you are a sweet poet with honey poetic feelings and thoughts... hope my poetry has also that much strenth to make way to your heart and brain to capture as this poem of yours has done to mine.... wish you good luck peotry friend... with a hope you will go through my work know if its heart touchig or not?