She believes in rainbows, that kaleidoscope

of bow-like colors; so she stands there watching,

quivering in anticipation. Perhaps she’s

praying. Rain has fallen and she wipes eyes

that see the bluest whiteness

of her world. She blinks and the fields

blushed with flowers.

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Nathaniel London Jr.'s picture

Oh how beautiful the heavens must be where you reside; the bluest whitness and fields that blush with flowers. Were there angles singing at the sight of such beauty, listen to the roses bloom; do you hear my heart beating? Wonderful poem, simply wonderful! May all your dreams and hopes become a reality.

Ps: My responses are simply from the way your poetry fills my heart and soul with such tender joy; a true breath of fresh air ( I exhale )! Thanks!!

mar's picture

THAT SOUNDS LIKE ME!!!! tell you the true, It called my attention because of the tittle, and now that I read it. I got lost, but it reminded me of me.