your name


my tongue, current running

down my heart in a wild race, sparks


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Good poems are always my

Good poems are always my weakness. Thanks for sharing such beautiful poems here. Reading such meaningful poems fills my heart with pleasure and gives me lot of inspiration to write something. You are always my inspiration. I appreciate your efforts in sharing such sweet poems. snoring devices

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I like it, but I'm not sure that it's a cinquain. Last I heard, they're like this:

Line1: one word to name the subject (tree)
Line 2: two words to describe it (tall, green)
Line 3: three action words about it (growing, reaching, standing)
Line 4: a four or five word phrase describing the subject - a thought not a complete sentence (a witness to the past)
Line 5: one word that means the same thing as the first word, or a word that sums it all up. (future)

I've written one about the moon. but it's a bit...umm, boring, to be honest.

So, yours is a nice poem but with the wrong title. Hope I was some help.


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liked this a lot. would like to know the format for a cinquain. 2, 4, 6, 8, 2 syllables? what else? thanks, v.