it’s not the way he marvels

at the satin sheen of her skin

that makes him entranced

but the way she wears his locket

between her breasts

I think it’s the way she made his heart

pounding on his ribcage

when six decades ago she almost

said no, that day carried a tender


he had so much to thank for.

I think, it’s the throbbing pain of being able

to tug at the ribbon on her hair

and how the wind would spin circles

of light,

this time was no other

when she cultivates flowerbeds

that when he would be unable to bring

her flowers,

she would pluck them,

her arthritic fingers on petals

and both would recite those age-old verses


until a number of seasons

shall pass them by.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have this thing about seeing old couples still in love. Just beautiful. Makes me wanna weep.

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