in a voice reminiscent of Gandhi

you said,

the world does not stop for

your grief.

far down the street

fireworks shoot across the sky

and the people sing –

rockin' and rollin'.

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Thank you for the wisdom; honestly! I use the "Cry Method"
to examine the character and integrity of people that say they wish to be my friend, I just appear to be having a difficult time at that moment and I have found that the good at heart people will put God's will in their actions mean you well; all others will try to use that which to be a time of dispair to take advantage of you! I don't cry or complain to the public instead I go to God and ask Him for His guidance and grace. The poems that I have posted on this site are the results of a email poetic love on line ordeal and thoes poems were the answers to the poems she wrote which were decepitve as well as very disturbing to me as a poet/lyricist. I also post on Poetry.com my name is Nathaniel London Jr. for these poems are more of who I am than not. Respectfully, Nathaniel London Jr. from Chicago, Illinois U.S.A

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That is me.... it reminds me of my birthday. I get depessed in that day all the time. Most of the time, actually all the time many people are celebrating that day. I like this poem, short, and it goes with me.

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didn't mean to read a 2nd time, but it was at the top of the poems and so i did. i read this time, expecting more adn that was brilliant b/c there is no more...no whining, venting, deliberation, just crying alone, while others go on about living. a great lesson.

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i love the title of this poem

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I like the contrast in this poem....the grief and the singing and dancing.It is very effective.

Smile.. it is the cheapest facelift.