tequila master,

your essence drips through

my veins like the pensive notes

of a saxophone.

come caress this tongue

upon your cool flowing

entry, leave traces on my lips;

life became that buzzing in my head

the taste of longing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a visitor of my site who requested me to write a poem about Cabowabo tequila. His life is run by Cabowabo and he calls himself, Drunk Guy. :P I don't usually write by request but I remember my first ever taste of liquor last January and that's tequila Jose Cuervo Gold. So there.

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sathya's picture

you are so advanced..
in so many ways..
those who are trying to
give up alcohol
(this poster died in
a gutter in a previous
life) could be knocked
off their resolution
by your poem

once Tolstoy's samovar
was so powerful
i went and made
a cup of tea