the page remains blank

as i stare beyond the shadow

i weep

it drowns my soul

when comfort is found

i will write my journey

on the page full of written images

only then will i know

my heart is tired

i am scarred for life.

~ ~ ~

like cascading waterfalls



i'm falling into you.

and my heart is not just my own.

~ ~ ~

he found a secret place to her soul

where no one had ever been

it was hidden so securely

that none shall enter in.

you broke in into my defenses

found my vulnerability

i am at your mercy...

~ ~ ~

i may look as fragile as a rose

become wilted at the merest touch

but i am indeed a rose

and i have thorns...


~ ~ ~

if thou sayest, i love thee

why thou hast made mine heart

torn asunder?

thy words are empty

i dare not listen, no more

they're harbingers of pain

thou lanced at me

i shalt banish every memory

just leave me, i beg of thee.

~ ~ ~

they compose music

of life, of joy, of tears

i'll choose my song.

~ ~ ~

the pendulum swings

left to right, right to left

never stopping the time

never stopping my pain.

~ ~ ~

go down to the end of the world

don't stop until you'll find

what you're looking for

there may be pitfalls

but you know what to do

crawl, jump

and run the race!

~ ~ ~

sequins and silk and flowers

you adorned me

and i was like a bird

with effulgent plumes


by others.

~ ~ ~

Like a revolving door

I have no idea

If I'm headed


Or outside

Your heart.

Let's talk about it.

~ ~ ~

i saw your face outlined

chiseled like a cold statue

i shivered

unfeeling waves washed over me

as i look down upon the ripples

of brooding water

how could we ever see each other?

our reflection was never as clear

as before.

~ ~ ~

On the hilltop she sat,

Mimicking the swaying grass

Arms flutter like a ballerina’s

A caged soul in her bid to fly

Only to find, her feet

Were still rooted

On the dark brown soil.

But she was almost free.

~ ~ ~

i saw the mountains

the hilly and rugged terrain

where i once walked

and my heart ache

for in those winding roads

my footsteps still echo

a happy sound of the past.

~ ~ ~

you touch my mind

and i understand

you caress my eyes

and i began to see

you kiss my lips

and you gave me voice

you whisper in my ears

and i heard angels sing

you cover my hand

and i felt you care

you touch my heart

and i fell in love.

~ ~ ~

today, i begin anew

'tis my morning's sunshine

yet, i long for something

far better than the sun

send me the rain.

~ ~ ~

i am autumn

my leaves fall

in a landscape of beauty

red, orange, and gold.

my face

creates an aura

of such majesty.

~ ~ ~

There was an ocean wind

Turbulent and strong

I cried out to him,

Would that be a song of cheer

In my ears I would finally hear?

The ocean wind whispers low

Telling me softly,

I know your secrets

The pain and your tears

And I’ve come

To carry them away

There he blows across the seas

And my ocean wind...

He has comforted me.

~ ~ ~

They have their fill

Of their waspish glory

Throwing arrows

At my tortured soul

It shall never rest

Now it’s my turn.

... and I don’t miss.

~ ~ ~

they say: the eyes are the windows of the soul

i've looked into those windows

to discover a mirror reflecting my soul

oh, my imperfections were blotted out

for i've found a perfect me

reflected in your eyes.

~ ~ ~

you seem so far away

so distant

i hold out my hand

i can touch you.

~ ~ ~

stars shine down

to settle on your eyes

i tripped on your gaze

a twinkle in my stride

'twas the magic

of that smile.

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Fast Eddie's picture

that is utter drivel...Give up

Violet Carolina's picture

"on a hilltop" was the beginning to my fav short poem here!
i admire your touch w/nature. some people can't write that like you do.

it seems God gives us senses to see him if we look around and realize

you inspire me to write more. was glad i stopped by for a few poems today! have a great week!