he never would understand

the longings of his heart

whenever a thought of her

would flit through his mind

does she think of me

when I dream of her

does she utter my name

in the silence of the night?

he asks those things

to the cool wind

as it sways the leaves

in the summer’s dawn

it creates a song

hush has fallen

silencing his thoughts

I would chase the wind, said he

until I arrive at the place

of my destiny

there he went

to the chamber of his dreams

waiting to be received

at the threshold

of her heart.

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Thanks Eunice for liking this poem. :) Oh, thanks too for bringing to my attention about the article "at." That must have escaped my eye. :)


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I really like this poem.It has a sort of wistful feel to it.
Just one thing have written "arrive to the place".It should be "arrive at the place" to be grammatically correct.Shame to spoil a good poem.

Smile.. it is the cheapest facelift.

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I have read many of your works and found them to be very enjoyable! I am new to this site and just now getting aquainted. Please visit me sometime and let me know how you feel about what you see of me. I will look forward to reading more! Lesa