black as the pit

deep like an abyss

it sucked me in this space

where time and existence

are but an illusion

my feet are dangling

precariously disastrous

looking down

it lures

if living is a dream

i will sleep here

in this ledge

where i shall lay

in a sheath of oblivion

a crevice of damnation.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wonder why some people finds it easy to end their lives.  "Hope" should never leave our hearts.  God owns our lives, it's not ours to end it as we please.

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Turki Amer's picture

Thank you for stopping by my PostPoems site. Read so far this poem of yours. I will come back to read more. This time I have to say I liked this most: "if living is a dream/ i will sleep here." Thanks for sharing. Friendship and salam..

iqbalar's picture

Thought-provoking and so impressive is your poem, "Cliff". Thanks for sharing it.