so glad i am to see you

as our hands meet

everybody fades around us

I can make you feel like jelly

just a flutter of my eyelashes

and you’ll come running to me

I know, I’ve practiced it perfectly well

don’t promise me anything you can’t do

I’ve learned not to believe in the past

this is much easier for my pride

I do have it you know

no one can rob it from me

I almost believed you


just the same, I’ve come to accept the truth

you’re just part of my nights

tomorrow you’ll tear me apart

I can only dream…

I see myself loved

accepted by you

proud to show to your friends

but I always wake up

in the deep of the night

in this glittery lights

holding a glass of margarita

wearing this slinky dress parted high up the sides

intoxicating you with my scent

you appreciate it so much

like the others before you

and maybe after you

still I dream…

you’ll bring me home

carrying me out of this mire

together we’ll dream, forgetting my world

my world I can’t run away from

but I always wake up lost

with only memories of our night

the morning greets me home

with my wish to be loved

but I grieved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A scarlet woman's power over men.  Her heartaches, woes, and dreams.  I've talked to some and this is what on their minds.

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. Donkerman's picture

Again this is one of those poems that make you sit back and reflect on it for some time. How true, anyone can buy sex, raw lust, yes even beauty and lace - but can we buy love? No, we can't. Yet, it can not be easy to be a "laday of the night"... Regards Donkerman