baby can you hear me?

you were carried

out of the room

as you lay still

your face angelic

a trace of quiet smile

with lips a rose red

i’ve got big dreams for you

like your mama too

i want to carry you

hold you in my arms

to walk with you

and bring you to places you would love

i want to hear your little voice

as you utter my name

to kiss and tickle you

and do silly things together

i want to buy you little things

clothes with mermaids and stars on them

to clip your hair with pink studs of pearls

to read you stories of fairies and fair maidens

all these and more

so i stared long and hard

anticipating that first cry

but silence prevails

my eyes brim with tears as i utter

welcome baby

though we wouldn’t

see you again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my very first niece who was born February 26, 2001...  She made it to the world but became a lifeless angel... I was supposed to be a proud aunt for the very first time...

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