growing up is miserable

in a house and not a home

where love, unity and peace do not reside,

some would say, you’re not alone

we have our own secret hell

a tap on the shoulder I would get

and a welcome to the club, quite a relief.

so glad now that I belong

but what is this I see?

weakened spirits, decrepit and lost

they all abound,

paths are strayed, dreams broken

youths wander with no place to go

others take solace in forbidden drugs

education is considered a waste of time

tomorrow I see, is dark and bleak

no, I would not join the club.

I envy the homes filled with laughter,

I long to feel the sense of belongingness,

I grieve for the loss of a brighter tomorrow,

I denounce the fate that befell me,

I weep for my family that never was,

I look for love that would make me whole again,

I cling for hope,

I promise never will I let this put me down,

I refuse to face the ground,

I will stand up though still weeping,

I pray for courage and determination,

I challenge myself,

I dream,

I defy the odds,

I reach for the goal,

I dare you to believe in me for –

I will fight and overcome!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A broken home is now considered quite normal with our times.  But do we really know the traumas that run deep with these forlorn children?  Despite the triump of some in defying all odds, we can still see the scars.  A healing process is needed.

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